Castelnuovo Belbo, Asti, Italy

When you begin to pass through the rows of the vineyard as soon as you learn to walk and from when you are a young child you breathe the intense scent of the pressed grape must in the wine cellar on the occasion of every harvest, it is easy to fall in love with a small and fascinating world, all of this  contained among the hills in which you were born.

The family began its long journey in this sector in the year 1891, with my great grandfather Giovanni.  Coming from the ancient tradition that has still endured in time, I was given my grandfather’s name, Clemente, he did so much to help in the growth of our business.My father Mario and my Uncle Giovanni have worked for decades to consolidate and tofurther make known and appreciated our business both in Italy and aboard.Then my turn arrived, which I tackle with the utmost care and the conviction that having roots that are well planted in the soil helps my grape vines, but also people that from their grapes are able to create and believe in quality wine.  Also pursuing an ancient journey, that starts with quality in the vineyard to arrive to the greatest care in the cellar to obtain wines that express the best essence of the territory.  As all the others coming from the younger generation which I take part in, I also believe in new technology and in multimedia communication, with its many new routes and contacts that they are able to develop.  This website was completely changed thinking above all in this direction.  It will also be a pleasure for me to correspond with those of you that want to experience our reality up close, coming to visit our winery and our vineyards and also what we produce and the values that we commit ourselves to every day with conviction.

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